Tuesday, May 18, 2010

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Salam,tak terlambatkan nak ucapkan Selamat Hari Guru pada semua guru-guru di mana juga anda berada.Minggu ni still lagi bz ngan kerja2 yg tak sudah tu,semalam chik mi bercuti kejap tp kerja rumah pulak menanti so tak ler rehat sangat,ik berbalik kepada tajuk di atas,semalam ofcmate chik mi dapat result blood test so masing2 ade peningkatan dalam high cholesterol,last week colleage chik ade kongsi satu tips cara utuk turunkan cholesterol ni so chik mi panjangkan kat sini ye.

Treating high cholesterol.  Three weeks ago l went for a cholesterol check.  To my surprise, it was above the normal range, which should be less than 5.2 mmol/L.  My reading obtained was 6.6.  I had been consuming a lot of red meat and lamb recently.  After consuming mu'er  (black fungus, mok yee in Cantonese) for two weeks, l had my cholesterol checked again and found that its level fell to 4.70 mmol/L.
My pharmacist said that even cholesterol medication will need 1-3 months to take effect.  She was very surprised and said it is a miracle.
I immediately followed an advice of a friend who told me about black fungus.  He had four blocked heart arteries, over 90 percent blocked.  His cardiologist advised him to go for bypass surgery, failing which he would suffer an imminent heart attack.  His sinseh (chinese physician) friend advised him against surgery as the procedure would be messy, painful and expensive.
He followed the advise of his sinseh friend by consuming black fungus daily.  After consuming boiled black fungus juice for 40 days, he went for an angiogram.  His heart specialist was surprised and shocked that his arteries were all cleared of any blockage and it would not be necessary to see him for another 10 years!
My observation is that black fungus juice is not only effective in treating high blood cholestrol but also helps to bring relief to joint paints, arthritis and poor blood circulation.
The internet information claims that black fungus reduces blood clot, preventing thrombosis, atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease, and cancer.  Black fungus contains abundant protein, ferric, calcium, vitamin, rough fibre, the content of protein is equal to meat.
1) Pick a hand full of Black Fungus and soak in water for 1-2
2) Wash Black Fungus and cut to pieces with scissors.
3) Pour five bowls of plain water into slow cooker (crock pot)
4) Put 2-3 slices of ginger, 8-10 red dates, 20 (wolf berry)
into crock pot.
5) Bring to boil for 8 hours. One and a half bowls of Black Fungus juice
remain after boiling overnight.
You may consume for 10 to 14 days according to the severity of the
For those with low blood pressure consume less or only for alternate
Drink Black Fungus first thing in the morning with an 'empty
Consume at least one large bowl. Take breakfast 2 hours later.
Side effects - you may feel a little tired after 3- 4 days.
Consume multivitamins and fresh fruits and vegetables daily.
Do not eat oily or fried foods during this period.
Dark and oily stool during the first two days.
Cholesterol medication is chemical in nature and may harm the liver.
Black Fungus is a plant and does not contain chemicals.

Chik mi rase kalau chik mi ni memang susah sikit nak minum air ni apa yang chik mi akan buat ialah kita buat sayur campur ,tapi kesannya tak tahu ler pulak kan .


  1. Salam Cik Mi,

    Auntie akak pernah cerita tentang khasiat cendawan ni. Dia kata org yg ada kanser mmg bagus amalkan, tapi yg tak tahan sebab cendawan ni kan sejuk. Akak tak leh ambik selalu nanti sakit segala sendi

  2. new info for me!! tq chik!!

  3. wahh bagus ni cik mi..minta izin nak C&P kat blog cm boleh tak?cm ada masalah kolestrol juga..selalunya makan fungus tu untuk sayur campur je

  4. Hai salam perkenalan dari saya maz :-)